Our first visit

Feb 2016

Never felt so nervous!! But we are finally here…roll on 2:30…

Well that’s it done, 2.5hrs of questions and it’s over. Feeling mostly positive about the whole experience. 

Got lots more information on things, especially Foster 2 Adopt. Although I’m still not sure it’s for me personally. 

The Senior Social Worker and the student who came with her were both lovely. 

There was lots of questions about pretty much everything under the sun and it was weird talking so much about ourselves. Guess it’s only going to get worse! We definitely made a good impression and the Social Worker said we would make perfect adopters! A very good sign indeed!!

The only bad thing (potentially) is that they like couples to have had a six month ‘grieving period’ after as miscarriage. It’s fine on a case by case basis but this could mean waiting another three months to even start the process. Really disappointed that that could be the case. 

We did however fight our corner and explain that this was always part of our plan for a family. We’re just doing it the other way around. We have been grieving for over a year and half and although we will always grieve our little babies forever, this is the time to start this new chapter and start our family. 

Just got to wait to hear from them on the decision now. Hope we don’t have to wait three months! 


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