Documenting our journey

Before we officially started the process, I started writing in a notebook to document our journey. I     should of just started a blog back then and made this whole telling of our story easier!!!

Anyway this was the first entry from January 2016;

Tomorrow we finally start the amazing journey to become parents. The path leading to this day has been rocky to say the least. 

Being parents and having a family of our own is all we’ve both ever wanted. Did we expect it to be this way? No. Did we expect it to be this hard? No. But this is how it is and we have embraced that. 

Losing our four precious babies was the hardest, most heartbreaking thing we have had to face. When we lost them we lost pieces of ourselves and we will love them forever. 

Moving forward was an important and essential step that we had to take. Although it has been hard, we know it is what is right for us at this stage. Finally after all the hurt and pain, we feel this is a positive step towards starting our longed for family. 

We know it’ll be hard at times and that the process could take a long time but we know that it cannot be as hard as what we have already been through. 

We started 2016 feeling so positive about this incredible journey. We want a family and it doesn’t matter how we get it. Just because they won’t be biologically ours, won’t make them any less our babies. We were born to be Mummy and Daddy and we cannot wait to be properly!

This is the first step and although it is super scary, we cannot wait to begin. 

Bring it on!!


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