And so it starts

We made our first enquiry to a local(ish) adoption agency on Christmas Eve 2015. 

Christmas, the past couple of years, had been hard; we were desperate for a family and didn’t have one, one of our babies had been due 22nd December, we began miscarrying another on Boxing Day and finally we had only just lost our last baby in November. 

But making this initial enquiry felt so good, such a positive step towards our dream. 

I hate calling people, so hubby did all the talking as I hovered, making faces at some of his answers and such like. We didn’t really know what to expect but they asked loads and loads of questions about everything under the sun. 

I distinctly remember that they must have asked hubby what age range we were interested in adopting. His answer was ‘as small as possible!’ This made the lady laugh and pretty much sums up how he’s answered nearly every question during the adoption process. 

So we had taken the first step on our adoption journey. The next was a home visit from a senior social worker to talk through everything and assess whether we would be able to start the process. 

Christmas was still hard for us, but we finally had that glimmer of hope we had needed so desperately. 


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