When the trying stops

When we decided to stop trying for a baby ourselves and go down the adoption route to start our family, there were such mixed emotions. 

But the one over riding feeling above all else was one of relief! 

No more tracking of my menstrual cycle, no more scheduled sex, no more hoping that I would be pregnant and being heartbroken when my period came. No more analysing every little feeling I was having and wondering if it was because I was pregnant, no more tests or doctors, no more stress. 

It broke my heart that we had been through what we had. That we had, at this point been planning and trying for a family for two years. It was like everyone’s lives had moved forward and we were stuck in limbo. We were no closer to having a family than we had been two years previously. 

But in making the decision to adopt instead, we hope for the first time since our first miscarriage. Adoption, despite potentially being a lengthy process with no end date, would be much more likely to allow us to start our longed for family. And although at this time I was still struggling to come to terms with us not having our own child, this made me feel good about our decision. 

Now we just had to get the ball rolling…


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  1. Choosing to adopt is not a guarantee you will end up with a child. Adoption agency agreement specifically have language on there that says there is no guarantee of a child. Hundreds of us just lost our chance to adopt from Ethiopia after waiting years for a referral through our respective adoption agencies because the program was closed by the Ethiopian government, and we all lost tens of thousands of dollars each. After six rounds of failed IVF and miscarriage and a failed international adoption, I have learned that nothing is guaranteed in life.


    1. I am sorry that you have had to go through all of that and wish you all the luck in the world for the future. You are correct that it is never guaranteed, these were just my feelings at this point. I have however amended my wording, so as not to mislead anyone.


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