Why won’t anyone help me? 

So there I was pregnant for the fourth time and desperate for results which may be the difference between keeping and losing this baby. All I knew is that I couldn’t wait, so I started ringing around to do all I could to get the results. 

I rang the specialist who’s care I was under now that I had had three miscarriages. I only ever talked to her secretary, not the care I expected at all. 

I called my GP surgery and they couldn’t help me, I had to talk to the specialist or haematology. All I wanted to shout was “THAT’S WHAT I’M TRYING TO DO!!”

Ringing the haematology department wasn’t much better as the person who was going to give me my results was on holiday. Could no one else give me the results, could they not tell me on the phone. Apparently not! 

So back to the specialist, who had found my notes and could see the results but wasn’t able to give them to me. It really had to be the haematologist. They are the specialists for this!!  This was all through her poor secretary, who seemed to really feel for me. 

No one was willing to help me, the people who were supposed to help me keep this baby didn’t seem to care and had no interest in helping me further. It didn’t fall under their job description, so they couldn’t help. 

The stress was unbearable, I was utterly convinced that there was something wrong with me that would ultimately mean I would lose the baby. All of this while working full time and trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps. 

I eventually someone took pity on me and moved the appointment closer. Only by a couple of days though. Just had to get the results and they could fix what was broken before I lost my baby. 


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