And the results are in

The day of the appointment came and I was the most anxious I had ever been. This was it, the moment that would decide the fate of this little baby growing inside me. My husband as ever, holding me together and being optimistic. 

It wasn’t a long wait but it felt like forever, my stress levels rising with every passing second. What were they going to say? Would we lose this baby too? All whilst trying not to burst into tears in the middle of a packed waiting room. 

Then we were called in, my heart racing, anxiety rising to an all time high, still trying not to cry. 

What happened next is almost too unbelievable to put into words. So unexpected and ridiculous, looking back on it makes me angry. 


All that stressing, all that crying for nothing. Absolutely nothing, we couldn’t believe it. We were just so relieved that there was no reason why we shouldn’t keep this baby. The anger and confusion about the situation, that came later and has stayed with me. 

Why could no one have told us the results? Why did we need an appointment to tell us nothing? Why were we put through all that when there was nothing wrong with me? So many unanswered questions.

But in that moment all we had was relief and for once hope. 


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