Three is the magic number

So in the UK you have to have had three miscarriages in a row to have it investigated any further. We were now at that ‘magic number’, we had had our designated three heartbreaks and hoped to get some answers.

We got referred to a specialist at our local hospital and we’re really worried about the wait. We also needed to decide whether to try during this time. If there was nothing wrong we would’ve wasted time, but if there was something wrong then we were risking another loss.

Luckily we only had to wait a month or so, which felt like forever but could’ve been worse. We met with the specialist and she booked me for a scan of my womb and lots of blood tests. She also reassured us that we would be supported in any future pregnancies.

For the scan I had to not be pregnant, so we stopped trying whilst waiting for the appointment. The day came and I gowned up feeling incredibly nervous and emotional. What if they found something? What if it wasn’t fixable? What if I could never carry a baby full term? What if they didn’t find anything? What would we do then? All in all I was a mess!!

I went in for the scan with my brave face on but whilst they were explaining the procedure I just broke down. Very unlike me to do so in public, especially in front of strangers. I was just so overwhelmed by it all and what this could mean for our future. The nurse in there was so kind and was really sweet. Her kindness meant the world to me and she was one of the only professionals we dealt with during the process that actually seemed to get it!

It was uncomfortable, painful at times but was over in no time really. Then we waited for the results to come back.

And they found nothing, just a normal womb in every way. We were so relieved but not at the same time. We wanted answers but something that was fixable.

Then came the blood tests, again not fun, as my veins are always very reluctant to give the blood up. Not great when they need ten vials of the stuff. Needless to say I was battered and bruised by the end of it. Then again came the wait……


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  1. I went through the same thing.. it’s hard when they find nothing, but medically speaking- it’s a good result… it’s just frustrating when you want answers.

    Good luck with the results, and stay positive 🙂


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