The road to motherhood

For as long as I can remember all I wanted to be is a Mum. Easy I thought….find the right man, check! Get married, check! Have a baby……turns out that bit was a little trickier.

The road to parenthood for us has been a winding road; lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, a road block or two.

To put a long story short (for now) we got married in the Summer of 2013 and wanted to start trying the following January. Ill health and family crisis got in the way and we started trying that Summer. We fell pregnant quickly and we were over the moon. It turns out getting pregnant was the easy bit, keeping them was another matter.

What followed was four heartbreaking miscarriages within 18months, the last being November 2015. Nothing can prepare you for that kind of loss.

In December we decided we couldn’t try any more and contacted a local agency about adoption. This was the best decision we ever made and the weight that lifted from us the moment we stopped trying was incredible.

Throughout 2016 we worked through the adoption process. We were lucky enough to meet our little Ched before the year was out.

It’s still hard to believe we are parents and we feel blessed every day (not so much in the middle of the night!)

So that’s what this blog is about; our journey to get here, the heartbreak, the joy and all the in between.


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